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Regain driving confidence with Soroush Driving School’s 2-hour Refresher Course. Save £20 on this package!


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At Soroush Driving School, we recognize that sometimes drivers require a refresher to regain confidence and enhance their driving skills. Our specialized 2-hour Refresher Course is designed to provide you with the necessary guidance and support to boost your driving confidence and improve your overall performance on the road.

During the comprehensive 2-hour Refresher Course, our experienced instructor will work closely with you to assess your driving abilities and identify areas that may need attention or improvement. Whether you are looking to regain confidence after a break from driving, adapt to new road regulations, or refine specific driving techniques, our instructor will provide patient and personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Priced at £100, the 2-hour Refresher Course offers a substantial saving of £20 compared to booking two separate one-hour sessions. This package provides an extended duration to focus on your specific concerns, receive expert feedback, and gain valuable tips to enhance your driving performance.

At Soroush Driving School, your safety is our utmost priority. Our modern vehicle is well-maintained and equipped with dual controls, ensuring a secure and comfortable learning environment throughout the Refresher Course.

Take control of your driving experience and regain confidence on the road by booking our 2-hour Refresher Course today. Let our experienced instructor guide you through personalized lessons, enabling you to overcome challenges, sharpen your skills, and enjoy a more confident and secure driving experience.

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