Soroush Driving School’s COVID-19 Guidelines:

The government has announced that driving lessons can resume in England from 4th July 2020. Soroush Driving School is pleased to confirm that students at the driving school can book their lessons from that date. Nevertheless, due to COVID-19, the driving school will be taking the following precautionary measures and request that students adhere to these to ensure the safety of everyone.

1. Students must wash their hands thoroughly before every lesson. Please follow the NHS guidelines for washing your hands, available on

2. If students or their family members have any of the following symptoms of the Coronavirus: –

A high temperature

A new, continuous cough

A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Please self-isolate for 7 days if you are experiencing these symptoms, or 14 days if you are living with someone who has these symptoms. Further information is available at

3. In the event that one of our instructors are facing these symptoms, Soroush Driving School reserves the right to reschedule all booked lessons to a time when it safe and appropriate to do so.

4. Students are required to wear appropriate clothing which are not exposing bare skin. This includes the use of face coverings and gloves.

5. As it is not possible to socially distance by 1 metre or more in a vehicle, Soroush Driving School will conduct a risk assessment prior to the lesson to reduce the risk. This will include the following mitigation: – Students will be asked if they have washed their hands before entering the car. – Students will be asked to wear appropriate clothing. We appreciate that it’s summer time so students are allowed to wear short sleeved T-shirts and shorts/skirts that go below knee length. If appropriate clothing is not worn, students will be requested to go back inside and change their clothing into something appropriate. – The instructor will check the student’s temperature before entering the car. The instructor is also required to check their own temperature. In the event that either party has a high temperature, the lesson will be cancelled and rescheduled to a date it is safe and appropriate to do so. – Students are required to use their own face coverings and gloves just before entering the car. If the student does not have their own gloves and face covering, they will incur a mandatory £5 charge for the instructor to provide you with both. – The instructor is required to clean all contact points before and after every lesson. This includes door handles (both inside and outside), Steering wheel, all switches, seats, gear lever, handbrake, car keys and interior mirrors. – The instructor must provide hand sanitiser for students to use at no additional cost. – Students should avoid touching their face, eyes, or ears during their lessons. Students will not be permitted to touch any learning materials such as the iPad, pen or other such learning materials Soroush Driving School uses in their lessons. Where possible, students can request that these materials be sent to them digitally through WhatsApp or E-Mail. – During the lesson, windows will need to be kept open to allow good ventilation. If the student refuses to cooperate with any of these precautionary measures, the instructor reserves the right to cancel the lesson. This will be treated as a nonrefundable last-minute cancellation.

6. Soroush Driving School  requests that students inform us of any booking cancellations 48 hours prior to the lesson time to avoid this being treated as a non-refundable last-minute cancellation. – If students are not feeling well and/or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, then students are requested to inform us as soon as they experience such symptoms and will not incur any charges for last-minute cancellations. – We request that our instructors are made aware of these symptoms 1 hour prior to the commencement of the lesson, or before the instructor arrives at the pick-up point to begin the lessons at the latest. If the instructor arrives and finds any symptoms, then the driving lesson will be cancelled, and the student will incur the charges for the full 2-hours booked.

7. Soroush Driving School  reserves the right to share your information to the NHS if required for track and trace services as part of mitigation.

8. Students must make any payments for booked lessons at least 48 hours before the booked lesson. Where possible, students are requested to make this payment via bank transfer. 

We look forward to seeing you on the road with us!

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