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Master advanced driving skills with Soroush Driving School’s Pass Plus Course. Includes town, all-weather, rural, night, dual carriageway, and motorway driving for £300.

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Ready to take your driving skills to the next level? Soroush Driving School offers the comprehensive Pass Plus Course, designed to equip you with advanced driving techniques and enhance your confidence in various challenging scenarios.

Our Pass Plus Course covers six essential modules, providing valuable practical experience in the following areas:

  1. Town Driving: Navigate through busy urban areas, learn effective traffic management, and develop awareness of pedestrians and cyclists.
  2. All-Weather Driving: Gain confidence in handling different weather conditions, including rain, snow, and fog.
  3. Driving on Rural Roads: Master the skills necessary for safe and efficient driving on winding rural roads, including handling bends and encountering different types of traffic.
  4. Night Driving: Learn to drive safely at night, dealing with reduced visibility, and handling various lighting conditions.
  5. Driving on Dual Carriageways: Acquire the skills needed to drive on high-speed dual carriageways, including merging, overtaking, and lane discipline.
  6. Driving on Motorways: Build confidence and competence in navigating motorways, including understanding signage, using slip roads, and safe lane changing.

Our Pass Plus Course is priced at £300, offering exceptional value for mastering advanced driving skills in diverse environments.

By completing the Pass Plus Course, you not only enhance your driving abilities but may also be eligible for insurance discounts from participating insurance companies.

At Soroush Driving School, your safety is our utmost priority. Throughout the Pass Plus Course, our experienced instructor will provide expert guidance and support, ensuring a secure and comfortable learning environment.

Take advantage of our Pass Plus Course today and become a confident and skilled driver in a range of challenging driving situations. Equip yourself with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to tackle any road with ease and enjoy a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving.

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